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March 6, 2013

In this assignment, I learned how being a member of the faculty at UCSD is more than just teaching. I have found that it takes tremendous knowledge and expertise in a teacher’s respective field in order to be a professor. The professors and faculty members use this knowledge to educate students so that they can perform well and succeed with their studies. However, most of the faculty are also involved with research. The research done is not simply a science project for students to see. The research that these professors are doing are life-changing projects. From building supercomputers to improving internet security, they are studying material not in the classroom and are encouraging students to do the same. Therefore, being a part of the staff at UCSD requires more than having a teaching credential. Being on the staff means that you have a mastery over and are willing to further the study of your subject. Whether it is finding out new ways of how humans think or creating applications for millions to use, a person on the UCSD staff, or any university position for that matter, is an individual passionate about their field and is looking for new ways to expand it. 


Kimberly Claffy is currently an adjunct professor at UCSD. She works for the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis and is also a researcher at UCSD’s supercomputer. Professor Claffy’s field involves the structure of the internet, the analysis of web traffic, and internet security. She studies these topics to make the internet safer for people surfing the web and to secure their privacy (Claffy). I believe that Professor Claffy’s work is very important because we are living in an age where people are more exposed more than ever. We put our personal information on social networking sites, making online purchases online, and banking using the internet. Hackers and bots can access this information and use it for malicious purposes. Therefore it is crucial to have people like Professor Claffy who work with others at the university on trying to make the internet safer and more reliable for the everyday user. 


Ranjit Jhala is an associate professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department at UCSD. Professor Jhala is currently working on how to improve testing software. He is trying to find more effective and accurate ways to debug and make sure that programs work. Professor Jhala knows how many people rely on software nowadays and wants to make sure that the software does not fail (Jhala). I believe that Professor Jhala’s studies are very important in today’s world because of how software has influenced our lives. Software is almost in every aspect of human society. Whether it is in business, education, social networking, or at home, software is all around us and we need it to fulfill our daily needs. Hence, it is vital that this software is reliable for the user so that it does not malfunction and create disorder in our lives. Professors and researchers like Jhala are important members of society because they make the world go round. 


  1. How can people who do mobile banking protect their information?
  2. Are social networking sites, who sell our information to companies to advertise for us, safe to use? When will we know if they go too far?
  3. Will hackers be ever to trace/obtain our information that we store in the cloud?
  4. What would happen if a bank company’s mobile app does not work? How much chaos would that cost?
  5. Are we too dependent on software? What if some of our programs do not work? What would we do?

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