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CSE 91 HW 5

February 6, 2013

What I am surprised about:

1. I am surprised at all the opportunities available.

2. I am surprised at how easy it is to talk to the advisors.


Answered questions:

What courses do I need to take next quarter?

How do I get into research?


   One of the surprising things that I found at UCSD is how accessible it is to get peer advising. When I first came to UCSD, I realized that the campus was humongous. This realization led me to think that there would be no way that I could get one to one peer counseling to help me decide what classes to take. When I was registering for classes in my first quarter of college, I had no idea what to do. However, the peer counseling center for CSE was only a few streets away from my apartment and they were able to help me with my classes very quickly. There are multiple kinds of peer advising that deal with your major or with your respective college. Peer advising in the CSE department focuses mainly on majors involving CSE. It is for easy to make an appointment. A student can simply just call a number and make an appointment time that suits their needs. If you happen to forget to make an appointment or just happen to be near the CSE building, you can walk in without making an appointment. However, walk ins generally lead to wait times so appointments are better. 

   Another surprise that I discovered when I came to San Diego was how many opportunities there are for jobs, internships, scholarships, and tech events. Often in the news or on websites, I hear and read that the job market is scarce and that college students will most likely not find jobs once out of school. I came to UCSD with this perception, but after a few weeks into the quarter, my mind was rapidly changed. I kept getting around five to ten emails a day from the CSE academic advising counselors about jobs, internships, and other opportunities. They continue to regularly send these emails and are very helpful for finding out what to do on campus. 

   One of the questions that I have is about next quarter. I am not particularly sure about what classes to take. I know for sure that I have to take a CAT general requirement but I am pretty confused about computer science. I do not know if I have to take CSE 11 or CSE 20. I will have to make an appointment with the academic advising to check which is the pertinent class to take by calling 858-534-8872 (Academic advising).

   Another question that I have is: how do I get into research? I often hear from my peers that I need to talk to professors and ask but it has led to no avail. I am determined to get into research because it will look really good on my resume. The website has a tab for research, internship, and job opportunities. There is a forum type website linked to the CSE UCSD website that posts opportunities for research called CSE Project Board (Project Board). This website is an useful tool for finding the latest openings for research. 


For the most part the website answered most of my questions, but there are still some unanswered questions such as:


  1. What clubs for my major are available on campus?
  2. Where can I apply to be a tutor for math?
  3. Where can I get tutored for computer science?

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