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CSE 91 HW3

January 23, 2013

Students succeed in class in a variety of ways such as looking at visual images or writing down PowerPoint slides. However, I succeed by doing examples and repetition. By practicing problems that involve the important concepts of a chapter, I am able to understand the lessons. Doing examples repetitively has proven to be successful in my studies especially in doing math problems and writing essays. This method works because I am able to see how to do the process and determine what the technique is behind solving the problems. Another successful method that I apply in my education is, oddly, looking at the answer. Often when my math teachers assign homework, I cringe when I see that most of the problems that we need to do are even. I am upset when this happens because most math textbooks only have answers to the odd problems. I like to have the answers to the solutions for two reasons. First, I want to be able to see if I got the right answer. If I do a problem and get an answer, I do not know if it is right and this makes it counterproductive because I could be doing it wrong. The second reason why I like to have the answers is that if I do not know where to begin with a problem, I can work backwards to finding the solution. In classes that offer solutions to the homework I tend to do better than in classes that do not offer solutions. This fact was evident last quarter in my Math 20C class. The teacher did not offer any solutions to the problems he assigned and it led to me getting a bad grade in the class. Another thing that I have seen make a positive difference in my studies is asking questions. In my discussion sections, I am always asking questions to things that I do not know. It has been very helpful because it is always beneficial to have someone else clearly explain a problem that you are having with. These methods have helped me succeed throughout my educational life.

College is an experience in someone’s life to learn academically and to learn about themselves. One of the things I have learned about myself that has been detrimental to my college experience is time management. My lack of time management has led to countless of sleepless nights, baggy eyes, and last minute homework turn-ins. In college, there is a plethora of things going around you. Balancing school events, clubs, and friends with academics has been very difficult. Other than things going on in my social life, the classes themselves have been testing my time management abilities. For instance, my programming class constantly has projects due once a week, my math class always has problems assigned, and my general education class, that is supposedly easy, has many pages of reading to do. All of these things going on in my life, have been fighting for my time and it has been a hassle trying to organize all these things into my schedule. Although in college the academics are hard, the hardest thing about living by myself without parental guidance is managing my own time. I will continue to try and figure out how to manage my time better in college so that I can do better in my classes and have a social life as well.


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