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January 16, 2013

         A data modeler is a job in the information technology field that deals with the data given to them by their employers or clients. With this information, data modelers make an easy way for their clients to access their files, keep track of their customers, and other statistics. The degree needed for this job is at least a bachelor’s in computer science or in information technology ( In order to be eligible for the job position, data modelers must be skilled at figuring out solutions to problems. The job requires a team of data modelers to work together in a group to accomplish the task.  The hours are a standard 40 hours, but if a deadline for a client or company needs to be met, then it could exceed the typical 40. Data modelers make a salary of about $80,000 to $100,000 a year ( Although the job may seem bit bland or sound boring due to the large and difficult assignments, it is worthwhile to do because you make the databases that many companies depend on to run and operate their businesses, and the pay is pretty nice as well. Without data modelers, companies would be inefficient and unproductive because they would not be able to gather all their information in a convenient database. 

         A computer engineer is an occupation requiring the mixture of knowledge between computer science and electrical aspects of computing. In order to be a computer engineer, a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering is required (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Computer engineers generally work in the research and development department of companies or even the federal government. There, they design things ranging from computer chips to consumer electronics. Computer engineers work in groups or teams to accomplish a task or project (worldwidelearn). These groups can often consist of a variety of professions working together. For instance, the Apple tablet, iPad, was a culmination of computer engineers, software engineers, and design engineers working together. Some computer engineers travel to many places to accommodate their clients’ needs which can lead to long hours. The work hours for this occupation are a typical 40 hours a week, but if there is a project due, the hours could be more than that. Promotions are limited in computer engineering, but seniority in the field plays a huge part in salary and it leads to better chances of getting hired.The pay for computer engineers is pretty well off and is usually around $60,000 to $80,000 salary(bureau of labor statistics). What also makes this job fascinating is that you can help create future technologies that will be used by people everyday. In today’s world, more technologies and even regular home items are being computerized. Anything ranging from touch screen refrigerators to smart televisions have been built with the help of computer engineers. Although this is a pretty difficult job to pursue, the return of what you get back, in terms of salary, job flexibility, opportunities, and to be able to show off creativity, is worth the hardship. 


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  1. I did not know that data modeler is a job in the information technology field. As a matter of fact, I am still very confused between the difference between Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Information Technology (IT). I would be very glad if you could further explain the difference. It is great to know what data modelers are and what they do.

  2. I really like how you explained in detail about data modeler. Your descriptions of those jobs are very detailed because you had the qualifications and salary included. Also, it is interesting to see what degree one will need to pursue those career. You did a good job of including products made from those jobs. I really like the font and size you use for this assignment. Good job!

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